The Coffee Shop

by Devon Hatcher

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released February 16, 2014

Mastered by iLL Productions.




Devon Hatcher El Paso, Texas

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Track Name: Coffee Shop (Vibes) feat SiSi Akins
SO let me tell you how my day started//
how my day went, the same place during the day is where my day end//
the troubles of the world, I leave them at the door//
Dirty Chai makes me smile when the foam swirls//
Or maybe iced toddies, or honey cream lattes//
And all the hipster girls walking showing of they bodies//
deeper with conversation, stimulating minds//
the girl calls my name, cause the order mines//
what did I order? the usual//
toddies and dirty chaos,...I swear they are my ritual//
but the day is never typical, and everyone is spiritual//
and fake never existed cause everyone here's original//
I'm loving the sensation of my coffee//
while evading all things that keep from relaxation//
cultivating with the thoughts that levitating//
ideas elevating, my minds on cloud nine in this haven//

feel my cup to the top//
with vibes that won't ever stop//
feel I found my own spot//
in my own coffee shop//

I take a couple sips then relax cause its organic//
I take a couple sips then I smile because it magic//
She sitting across the table and she telling me bout her day//
telling me how its great, telling what she hate//
and her hobbies, in her spare time she likes to be a disc jockey//
she says her sets are really good, aint tryin to be cocky//
then I gotta hear it, me I write them lyrics//
you know them words that be coming out when you feel the spirit//
I'm on another level, a proper mix with the treble and bass//
that puts a smile on my face//
Like that dark hazelnut with proper blends of half and half//
Looking beautiful like them girls thats half and half//
similar to the girl that sits across me//
both come to agreement that we need another coffee//
the owner brings a couple over and announce//
you don't have to pay because this one is on the house//

feel my cup to the top//
with vibes that won't ever stop//
feel I found my own spot//
in my own coffee shop//

Empty cup, I guess its time for another//
add a little honey, add a little sugar//
light on the foam, heavy on the creamer//
add a dash of cinnamon, a little just for flavor//
this is what i'm talking about, its busy yet its quiet//
I'm drinking all this coffee like I'm on a liquid diet//
we talking bout the times and the places that we find//
and she tells me bout a show case thats going on at nine//
I have to decline, you know I'm staying here//
a couple songs I'm working on, I love the atmosphere right here//
fresh and sutler, yup for conversation//
helps with drawing up ideas for innovation//
I had alot of stress from the day//
alot of things on my mind, gotta put it to play//
I gotta couple stories to tell, why don't you pull up a chair//
if you are ready and your willing to hear//

feel my cup to the top//
with vibes that won't ever stop//
feel I found my own spot//
in my own coffee shop//
Track Name: Corrupting
A list of things that make me smile, yes it true//
A cup of coffee, your smiles, and kangaroo//
my beat pad, dance floors, pretty you//
most the time really happy when in my room//
but some times I sad because, have noone to tell it to//
I have my share of demons and angels now they are in a feud//
call it inner conflict but please don't get it misconstrued//
nobody really listens, except the times when I'm being rude//
but is it my problem your fucking ears are broken//
I'm home alone you horse's ass, macaulay culkin//
you think I'm jolly hopin', most time I've hardly spoken//
I smile when talkin' shit, My Melancholy's jokin'//
Rather than make em smile, Ill just expose my dreams//
I want them to see the pain, nightmare thats not serene//
I want to see them cry, what the fuck does this mean//
Why do I find the pleasure in killing your self esteem//

The light is disappointed and knowing my actions wasn't right
The dark in me is happy and having these celebrations like//

Why am I so alone, I need a sexy friend//
Falling in love with lust, That puts it to an end//
or maybe bust nut, SO then it doesn't hurt//
And then she'll probably stay, but it doesn't work//
She said I'm really nice, you looks ain't have ass bad//
but this the only problem, your not as have ass bad//
explain the no shows, all of the naked photos//
now you got me real loco, now baby that is a no go//
yeah she lets me hit, and now she all confused//
on to the next one, now thats kinda rude//
told you that I would stay, but now I'm gone//
I like the space between your legs, not the friend zone//
I'm not a rebound, I'm a repeat//
take your pictures then beat beat, then retweet//
Rather than make em smile, Ill just expose my dreams//
I want them to see the pain, nightmare thats not serene//
I want to see them cry, what the fuck does this mean//
Why do I find the pleasure in killing your self esteem//

The light is disappointed and knowing my actions wasn't right
The dark in me is happy and having these celebrations like//
Track Name: All For You
My Attitude coming loose, when a speak it worse
seance, that death induced//
infused with wrath of the of a zeus, a pissed off moose//
a beg and plead for mercy is an offer you can't refuse//
But will I honor it? Yes with death and a diss//
and yes its death before dishonor, but I twist it with lips//
with Hammers for teeth, and yes I got a sword for tongue//
In the battle for mandibles, Y'all just a couple of gums//
Think you'll win?, probably not//
Have a better chance in the dark, with a car thats doesn't park//
where the head lights be set to off, while cruise down scenic drive//
while you hoping stay alive, drunk driving just to survive//
no registry in your eyes, so your vision is never clear//
no clearance, you taking off with face that fill with fear//
With a crash you disappear….
did I mention all the brain matter scattered, should I continue//
The scene in my brain is plot that I'm having all for you//
Track Name: Mirrors
The truth, its an enigma//
Your staring at this mirror to measure up your charisma//
All it really shows you is image not the person inside//
Will never show you thought, guess they coincide//
A better you what your looking for, with chedder//
whatever, success endeavors will never show in the mirror//
you can dress like a million bucks, and look like a cover model//
Don't change the fact that you broke as a fallen bottle//
And you can worship and do what ever you feel is vital//
You can mimic, you'll never be as good as your idol//
So why you gotta clone it, so why you got to try//
The mirror shows you truth, you sell your self the lie//
So whatever the case is, trying to find replacements//
Trying to look advanced but actions are always basic//
face it, don't need lasic, your vision was never compromised //
You just scared to you use your eyes, …………

and look up in the mirror mirror mirror//
Why don't you look up in the mirror mirror mirror//
you see the truth up in the mirror mirror mirror//
check your flaws up in the mirror mirror mirror//

Sometimes I look in the mirror to see what wrong with me//
Sometimes I look in the mirror to see what good with me//
Sometimes I look in the mirror to see what they ain't liking//
Sometimes I look in the mirror to see what to find what is exciting//
My flaws I call em, I come to solve like problems like quantum//
my physics they a problem on top of the the things that I bottom//
That make me fall just like Autumn //
or bat man when Fighting villains that conquer gothmn//
Well fuck em, I guess I got em right//
I had to let it//
die, but thoughts are like Jesus they resurrected//
she build her ego up in the mirror so thats expected//
ugly on the inside, that she aint accepted//
no self reflection she more into self reflected//
images that she use to make her so called friends//
but she lonely
only her knows the reason on why she be bitch//
you know a dog, female type with the teeth and shit//
So while you judging steady blinded by the bull shit//
but then again, your better blinded so you'll never see it//
I think you should reconsider, the reason you cold as blizzards//
you fine up in all your pictures, but your ugly when it comes to inner//
Beauty… You'll never see that in the mirror//
Sad to say you never fix that in the mirror//
Track Name: Games
She said I had to chase her, yeah she be a diva//
If her name was money, I'm calling her a keeper//
But her name is Lust, I love her just to leave her//
Karma chasing after, running faster than a cheetah//
This bitch getting jealous, yet she loved by all the fellas//
For her ways, but I find her over zealous//
With Pain, pain to match the pleasure//
With things that call for lectures//
flirting round with lust, in turn will cause me fractures//
I'm touching on her ass, just to feel the texture//
Joy mixed with fear, is what I'm calling pressure//
Temptation overwhelming, mind controller//
To hold her, I swear, this game is getting older//
The game hasn't changed, I'm playing just the same//
A couple extra men and game overs, who's to blame//
I'm knowing what do but I make the same mistakes//
Trying to save my princess zelda, but all I'm finding is the fakes//
Cause the image, I'm trying to get it, well get her//
Lust is lavish making Karma savage, well fuck her//
Those curves and hips, the luscious lips, I want her//
To break the grip, of this jealous bitch, out smart her//
It doesn't help when lust will ask me for a favor//
And I would do whatever just get her probably save her//
In the end I'm leaving flavors in her mouth for her to savor//
then forget her like pencil markings and using my eraser//
And really have to mention all the enemies I'm making//
The laughter and rumors, the trust is slowing breaking//
No longer a secret, because she discontent creeping//
So she creeping all along, hiding, you seeking//
Was there even a reason? On me you keeping?//
So now you wanna use, fun nights for when you playing//
So you leaving me to face it, with all this is time wasted//
Attractions clearly faded, at least I saw you naked//
The vibe is seeming kinda horrible//
As she laugh at me she feel amused//
The games you play unbearable//
Have me feeling quite confused//
Karma laughs, then she soothes//
With kiss, then she moves//
A rebound, nothing more//
She caress, On the floor//
and I don't wanna play no more, I don't wanna play no more//
Sex is all the rage, but she have sex with rage//
But this game is almost done, this must be the final stage//
With more princess left to save, So Its time to misbehave//
Love is what I need but yet the sex is what I crave//
Start the Circle from the top//
Make her body rock//
Make her heart drop//
And feeling seem to swap//
while I'm hating when she talks//
The ticks turn to tocks//
I'm Staring at the clock//
Hoping it would stop//
Now its over, and yet now I'm feeling the same
Now that karma's broken off I'm feeling some type of way
Ashamed in a sense but shit, I can't explain
Now I know that its a never ending game//
Track Name: Bye Bye (BFF)
Hello, in case you were wondering//
calling on your phone, it was ringing but no answering//
I'm trusting that you'll call me back, you know when its convenient//
but I'm sitting here kinda waiting cause I'm lenient //
when you want to talk, for you its problems you alleviate //
when I want to talk, you got no time, so you deviate//
and I know you kinda busy like a bee for your honey//
I'm working like a mecxican, I'm trying to get my money//
I'm letting out a sigh, wishing we could compromise/
cause you flaking for these guys, and I only wonder why//
cause you know they'll never care for you, like I do, or I did//
and I'm knowing that I'm forcing, cause my feelings are inadiquet//
now I check the math, minus my pluses adding up//
now I check your math, adding me to you was not enough//
now I'm sorting on the side//
this is what we got to do, we got to let it die//

I'm saying bye bye to you
I'm on my way up, now is the time that I should give it all up
SO this is the end

I'm saying bye bye to you
Can never play pretend, I'm moving on so let it all end
Bye bye Best friend

Now its artificial, missing when it was all organic//
more superficial, never sad but I find it tragic//
all the pictures, all the folders deleted//
my trips down memory lane won't be repeated//
you're too boy crazy for me, don't wanna hear it//
had to sit there when you're crying always lifting up your spirit//
and I know you love your body, face is always gorgeous//
smiles always pretty, booty is a enormous//
post all on instagram, post it all on twitter//
guys say shining, similar to glitter//
complaining bout relationships and say always hurt you//
I'm there always forsaken, told you that I won't desert you//
but now I let go, come on you know it ain't the same//
with the music interfering, so I'm changing up my aim//
this the kinda friendship that is hard to keep platonic//
cause all the mixed signals, they messing up harmonics//

I'm saying bye bye to you
I'm on my way up, now is the time that I should give it all up
SO this is the end

I'm saying bye bye to you
Can never play pretend, I'm moving on so let it all end
Bye bye Best friend

Yeah I use to hurry, but now I'm never worried//
now the love is dead, now the loves buried//
You don't even care, you caring for attention//
and affection from these dudes, that won't ever offer you good suspension//
they won't lift you up, but they lift you up//
Left hand, right hand, underneath your butt//
but when they done with you and grip finally release//
and who is always there, gluing every single piece//
its like its humpty dumpty, but way better//
I'm the only one who tried to put you back together//
Put it on your page if you want to flip the script//
Then you act surprise when your BFF Trips?//
Ok Blame me, write it down, erase me//
Find another nigga who is honest to replace me//
If you do forget me, but don't ever chase me//
Don't try to rekindle cause you know it be to late see//
Track Name: Climbing
I can here them calling me//
All the voice for new heights, yea they follow me//
a higher plain, guess my level needs to change//
pain in the eyes, never seen through tinted frames//
attitude is rough, yea my skin is mighty tough//
and all these other muthafuckers think they're more than enough//
while they're less than required, for thrones they desired
Low budget royalty, no crowns were acquired//
Yeah I got that Courage, Although I'm feeling nervous//
all the doubt and fear, yeah they always surface//
and I now I understand, Mr. Lupe said it best//
Fear is such a weak emotion, that he detest it//
I think I'll Test my left foot right up this hill//
I got a couple dreams and aspirations I could fill//
Heights get higher, as try to reach this summit//
I hope If I ever fall, got no ropes to stop my plummet//
You the trail is one way, I got the sun in my face//
or catch the glow from moon rays, I'll use a couple of days//
or maybe weeks, Or maybe even longer if I need it//
don't need nobody but determination till completed//
if you try to stop me, termination guarantee it//
yes I am aware that fornication, will impede it//
I'm to reach my top, not to have sex on a rock//
Not even in a tent, Cause I'm moving till I drop//
Yes I see the food and all the treasure on the side//
and the dangers never present but you know it always hides//
you know some people set up shop to try and con me//
The only that I can trust is Mr. Von See//
There's many snakes on the road, many fakes or mirages//
never picture perfect for montages//
sorta crazy when the path is on edge//
hope this strong breeze doesn't push me off the ledge//
My trips turn to stumbles and stumbles turn to crawls//
The only thing I know, I got one option if I fall//

And that option is fine, to get back is the prime//
some people sit there and whine, I really don't have the time//

I'm on the climb
Track Name: Follow
Hello Ms. Nice Warm Smile, Long Legs, Cute face, with them big blue eyes//
Ruby Red lips stick, with a necklace, and I got to admit you got me mesmerized//
When walked by, didn't have to say hi, just that cute grin was enough to stop me//
Make me turn around, full one eighty,crazy I wanna follow you just like a puppy//
And say, hey excuse me, don't wanna be creep but you got it going on//
Waving like flag, and I don't nag, and I know your poppin tags but can I tag along//
Staring kind of rude, but I'm trying to look at you, you a breath taking view I'm tryna make prolong//
Girl you shine bright make a day out night, girl you looking so right, other girls look wrong//
Please stop turn around then look at me, make a man feel special//
The type that will make a man go wild, get him all in trouble//
I'm a fool, with a drool but I'm trying to keep it cool while steady try to be by you//
Ima creep, Im trip, ima crawl, Im fall Ima crawl, Got me following through the mall with my eyes on you//
Hoping that this all will last, oh girl why you walk so fast//
Niggas gotta look when you walk passed, they just trying to see your ass//
No lie, I'm trying to see that too, all the thoughts on your mind want to hear them too//
I'm a guy, all the lies, set a side, dropping the pride cause a really pretty smile what from you//


Those hips, those eyes, oh my, girl you got me hypnotized when you walk by me//
Those lips, that smile, got me digging on style, really hope that you talk to me//
your words deep hope your not shallow, think I'll come back, probably visit you tomorrow
keep me with a smile, so I'm having no sorrow, you the type of girl that will make me wanna follow, follow follow follow//

type of girl that make me wanna follow follow follow follow//
type of girl that make me wanna follow follow follow follow//
make me wanna follow follow follow follow//

Trying catch a grip, look at you in Sequence//
perfume that you be wearing is such an intoxicating Fragrance//
That I.. I'm caught up in a trance, and I'm hoping that maybe by chance//
that you will just pass me and give me a glance that is my perfect cue to make an a advance //
to just compliment you on your style and to start an nice little conversation//
and I notice that you had some tattoos a sleeve with great illustration//
leads to… wing on your back, girl what is that, look something like angel//
Ink everywhere, how got your hair, look good from every angle//
Think I'm going insane in the membrane on your style kind hard, hard to explain//
To point that I keep it all under restrain, calm, cool something that I'm really trying to maintain//
Heart racing like a did a line of cocaine, girl you got me speechless//
Trying find the right word to say, about all your features//
How you caught my eyes, can't keep it discrete//
Oh girl you the perfect package, all together complete//
Man I'm so stuck, Like a car in the snow//
Wonder if you single, if Not I wouldn't let you go//
I wonder what your name, Someone I wanna get to know//
But I'm kinda scared talk to you, which is why I gotta follow//


Those hips, those eyes, oh my, girl you got me hypnotized when you walk by me//
Those lips, that smile, got me digging on style, really hope that you talk to me//
your words deep hope your not shallow, think I'll come back, probably visit you tomorrow
keep me with a smile, so I'm having no sorrow, you the type of girl that will make me wanna follow, follow follow follow//

type of girl that make me wanna follow follow follow follow//
type of girl that make me wanna follow follow follow follow//
make me wanna follow follow follow follow//
Track Name: Fanfare
I'm different, c'mon I swear Im different//
I tell you this, Im serious you people think I'm kidding//
I know I'm twice as cool, but I'm feeling twice as lame//
Yet y'all saying y'all unique but yet y'all niggas still same//
You niggas cons and plain, so I really can't complain//
All y'all dudes is boys, While I be muthafuckin mane//
I doing mighty swell, homie thanks for asking//
cause I'm turning words to actions, I'm building my satisfaction//
So ahhhhh heres my guarantee, you thought to underrate me//
No need for saltiness dude, don't try and marinate me//
You too sweet, so please don't try and sugar coat me//
Your more suited for my coffee, you can try and quote me//
What is this, find it hard to see you mister//
Maybe its this, cause when I see the bigger picture//

Some of y'all simplistic, nothing more than a statistic//
Case you missed it, you should listen when its over you are basic

So yea

To anybody who was told they was awkward
Who doesn't give fuck about they image, pressing onward//
You see the sky there, so put your hands there//
then wave them side to side, this is your fanfare//

To all of those who never follow the crowd//
who keeps their mind on higher thought, and stay among the clouds//
You see the sky there, so put your hands there//
then wave them side to side, this is your fanfare//

This ones for the nerds, all the goths, all the emos //
and the hippies, and the hipsters anyone who is a weirdo//

Skinny clothes and I talk so polite, Guess I don't seem so tough// and
Girls with jungle fever don't like me, cause I aint't black enough. //
All I try to do is gets these hipster girls to pause//
When all I really want from you is a round of applause//
nodd you head, or maybe move your feet a little//
always on your phone and wall flowers, kinda normal//
yet you diss them people that are comfortable with dancing//
show me what you got, uhhh I think we smell a challenge//
while we stand out on the floor, you can stand out on the side//
steady hating, always frowning, you should seek some place to hide//
how be dress and who we are, yes we come to make a killing//
While you copy all the stars and the TV just to fit in//
You style pretty trivial, so you should peep my visual//
your presence is invisible, therefore you'll never be a original //
Track Name: Mistakes
Ok, Respectfully, I'm disrespecting everyone//
finding self will be the win, the cost is losing everyone//
Sadly Mistaken, what was I thinking that it fix it all//
This is really silly, it kills me when no one ever calls//
No sleep at all, I stay awake//
to fix a little problem, but really just made a huge mistake//
heating all this beef and now I'm having to cute the steak//
put it in reverse to move forward, I hope that all it takes//
lighting up my past will never bring a brighter future//
have some cuts I'll just fix em all with a suture//
The past is cancerous, I'll cut it off just like a tumor//
Laughing bout it all, just like I had a sense of humor//
Kinda of ironic, cause I'm teary eyed
Crush them all, till I'm satisfied//
alcool, pour a shot for em
Cheers to the old friend ships cause never restore em and

I make mistakes, I bumped my head//
I make mistakes, thats what Kanye said//
I make mistakes, let' not play pretend//
I made one now, every now and then//
and then again, so do you//
think you acting perfect, please don't be a fool
We make mistakes, this I'm telling y'all//
Just to let y'all know, we a perfect y'all//

She fine, I met her as a Junior//
She was just a sophomore, had ass like a senior//
had gorgeous features, cooler than the freezer//
tied together like sneakers, had me catching scarlett fever//
for a few days, few months, few years //
Then I told her I that had to leave she cried a few tears//
Worried we would talk less, double up on phone calls//
Got to actin reckless, should have known that I would fall//
not together, should have know I'd be alone//
I'm the type that women love to have in friend zone//
She like to tell me she loves me hates when I am gone//
and that she places noone above me, think I been led on//
She'd hold my hand and give me kisses, yeah, the shit was cool//
Pleasure P, I felt like boy friend number 2//
Mr. T , could you please pity this fool//
I'm lost like remotes, not knowing what to do//
This is getting tricky, its silly like ren & stimpy//
Got me driving cross the city, to see her being so pretty//
Took her clothes off just to let me catch a glimpse//
thought love was a thin line, but sex with her was slim//
or maybe not, we could get closer//
Make her fall for me, as I bend her ovvvvaa//
Or maybe not, crush is over//
This is lust now, whatever

Let tell you about a time when I was desperate//
Lonely like the number one, need someone who's affectionate//
She use to text and call a lot, she said she wasn't feeling him//
yea he use to be my boy, be chillin with my man's and them//
hear they go again, yeah they arguing//
You need someone to call, you know Ill be your friend//
but it was more than that, the kinda act that had stretching and flipping//
bending backwards just like and acrobat.//
That wrong, oh so wrong//
set my true colors, showed I wasn't strong//
cold as a hundred fridges, with fire that burn my bridges//
more coward than hundred bitches, fucked up like thousand glitches//
Typical nigga, who fucks with the trust//
in return he fucked by karma, chasing the lust//
and she cheated, and played pretend and wrecked my car in the end//
let out a chuckle and she said with a grin, nigga I make mistakes
Track Name: Dreaming
Just fell asleep, but I guess just waking up //
To all the crying from my exes, the perfect couples was breaking up//
I must say, buy the way, its kinda fucked up//
All must as much as bad kids get upper cuts//
Since I put that way, its not as bad then//
Bad circumstances, evil thoughts, but a happy grin/
ha, the kinda shit that has me smirking//
bank account is full and I aint started working//
triangle eyes open wide is the symbol
all my thoughts collide, hear the crash like a cymbal//
what the fuck means I guess I'm laying in a dream//
and she's the kinda dream you want to sex make her scream//
You give it how she love it in return it makes her cream//
And then she wanna lay a fall asleep and look serene
asian girl a freak, no more need for masturbation//
No strings attached but we still feel affection//


Present turn to future, make the past sorta ancient//
niggas new news old news, so they aint shit//
tears and the sorrows, got to put them in a bottle//
Let them ferment into smiles, I'll swallow them all tomorrow//
yeah I made a list, I checked the mutha fucka twice//
I think I have the perfect split between being naughty and nice//
free kangaroos from the zoo for its freedom//
the hip hoppin animals, silly I guess I be him//
colorful presence, dark intentions
deep mind long wide pride 3 dimensions//
funny how my toughs are different tandems in this world//
funny how my thoughts always end up on these girls//
creating aream girls in my head sorta random//
creative with the style, far out understand them//
real world people have dream conversations//
but up inside my mind a universe for innovation//


Please tell me, Really Please tell me//
Did I have the perfect date with Tory Kelly//
Walking in the park, we eating them waffle tacos//
while she singing my favorite songs, high pitches and vibrato//
then said she want someone to hold her hand//
someone to hold her close, someone to be her man//
Dear Noone, I'm someone, I hope you understand//
Tori Kelly is my lady and I find her rather grand//
but she don't know it yet, bout being my lady part//
and the girls of Suicide be ripping me all apart//
you girls are killin me, come on it tea time//
then we'll play taboo and after that its me time//
Put my favorite songs on repeat and rewind//
Smoke a little hookah, then I sip on the wine
yea at the end of it all you know I'm beaming//
Awaken by alarms, what the fuck, guess I'm Dreaming//
Track Name: Smoke Halos
Before we get to talking, let me pack another bowl//
Let me fluff it up and let me wrap the tin foil//
Pass over the lighter, need to spark a coal//
let it burn a little , little later we can blow//
smoke halos

Yeah, I think its time I should relax//
with the hose in the hand, I think its time I should collapse//
with perfect brew, yeah I got the perfect view//
got some art, chill music, giving me a mellow mood//
Excuse me babe, this my only homie Joey//
he a bout to load the flavors so we getting started early//
here's a taste for you to savor so release the smoke slowly//
getting cozy, cause you know we bout to leave the room smokey//
Here's a question, how your head feel?//
hit it once more, till you lungs filled//
Now exhale, Real slow
and let the smoke ooze out with a nice flow//
blow it in a cold glass and pour it on the table//
Smoke laying down, rolling round kinda playful//
You said you really like it, you said you wanting more//
Well let me load a bowl so you can feel the smoke allure

Shut the fuck up, we killing the Animosity
Possibly, we could smoke and then making friends outta enemies //
Then….. make new recipes, please, I got the expertise//
try it, your light headed, seems like you defy gravity//
Just little mixture, blue berry, winter fresh//
compressed with the citrus mist//
and a little bit of ice in the vase, served best//
take a hit blow O's, to relieve my stress//
puff, puff give. you can wait till I'm done//
Girl, I can blow my rounds in your mouth, Shot Gun//
You could take on empty bottle, blow smoke till its filled//
After that you'll be star buzzed, real chill//
Or we can get it poppin, you know blow some bubbles//
Um , Um, I think we have some trouble
Well look at the bowl, yeah the coals all ash//
No more smoke cause the whole bowl cashed//
Track Name: Showers
Naked in the shower feeling all this pain//
Watchin all my worries just flow down the drain//
You see the envy leaves it dirt grains//
and the stupid doubt will always leave a stain//
Yeah this water got me hypnotized//
trying to wash the dirt, thats in my eyes//
wash the dirt thats in my ears, to see the truth//
and hear the lies//

For example, yeah she got man//
But she don't give a damn bout his love, where it truly stands//
Yeah she sees another, giving out her number//
she said she has a leak, she looking for a plumber//
guess she need the pipe, and the water type//
she got no need for the lights, so he can come at night//
she says she righty tighty, when she lefty loosey//
meaning she got the drip, meaning she slightly juicy//
She say she sweet, and she'll devour his dick//
for a couple hours until he be ready to cover her showers//
But first, she want to ride him until she waters//
Then he cums inside, she wash the evidence in showers//
broken condoms in the toilet//
sheets in the machine, with the tide cause she soiled it//
Then her man comes home to put his nose in it//
Thinking her ocean is fresh water, she spoiled it//

I swear to god this water knows me well//
If it could talk my story it would surely tell//
This water surely knows my face//
The human race, and of its disgrace//

I swear the water really knows your lies
Leave you only asking why
Showers show you what you really hide
from yourself, and from all eyes
Track Name: In/Out
All that and then some, these people looking gruesome//
me against them and got the ammo guess I'll shoot them//
modern Duke Nuke em, give them execution//
to the liars and fakers since your worth is never proven//
bringing all that bad shit, told you I'm determined//
said you are the same, but your ass is never working//
wasting all your money, waste it on these hoes//
waste it on your habits , now your bank account is froze//
unlike your wrist, unlike your rings//
claim you got swagger, so you let your chain swang//
with your chain gang, gripping wood grain, you the blame//
cause y'all lame , I guess is best just to work so you can start the chain...// reaction
cause your life as boring, you need some action//
what the fuck are you doing, you know you need reflection//
what the fuck am I doing, I'm chasing satisfaction//
on saturday, you sadder plus your ass don't even matter//
basic bitches want you, pregnant cause they rode you//
never hold a job or a hobby cause it aint you//
niggas making fun of me and saying that I'm strange//
I'm laughing at you niggas cause somethings will never change//

Out with the bad shit, in with the new shit
truth is always salty never sweet sugar coated//
Out with the bad shit, in with the new shit
when I speak the truth, foreign language kinda fluent
Out with the bad shit, in with the new shit
when I say the truth, they getting mad and wanna do shit
Out with the bad shit, in with the new shit
nothing else to do, you cannot run or even hide shit//

None of these men being real, Bitch you judging//
fake tits and make up, fucking you boyfriends cousin//
we needing creditability and needing some proof//
You run your mouth around the block and puss incredibly loose//
And claiming that you are royality, showing them peasant traits//
You get worked not to work, and want to obey//
Fuck you, literally, really think you killin me//
thought to cut me of, like sex was always healing me//
get it somewhere else, you a monopoly//
What you got can't be the best so please lets thinking logically//
People want the cheapest, when they feeling needy//
Something really close, something rather easy//
This goes out to bitches that really think that their baddest//
knowing that these men want a lady with some manners//
I'll never be a gentlemen, you never show me manners//
I'm sorry but not sorry, your feelings never matter//
Track Name: Optimistic
Wanna here a story, heres of a piece of my mind//
deep in land, once upon a time//
where all the bills and stress collide//
where all people seem impolite//
and some of them wanna be my friend/
not for me, the things I bring//
Fuck all the songs they want to sing//
AND all the thoughts they want to think//
I say fuck em, I say fuck em//
you the type of people nigga wanna scream and lash out//
grab two bats, in the left and right let me swing, do my thing till y'all brain smashed out//
Repulsive, kinda offensive gotta admit most times I'm defensive//
kinda shit that keeps the weak people gone but end, no friends when I look in retrospective//
how dreadful, for example to absorbed that I need to find the back door//
have the fear that I'll fall into a track door//
my mistake in the end I miss the world//
all the beauty in it, all booty in it//
opportunities, cause I'm always scared to get it//
No one likes me, cause I'm truthful//
a sweet dude, but I'm rude though//
but I'm ruthless, rather reckless//
got some things on my shoulder, never headless
but I never follow up, or never follow through, cause I feel its hopeless
All the hope and faith, never keep it//
Had a chance, but my thoughts made me miss it//
So let me rewind, let me take my time and be more optimistic//

Hey man where you going, no need take off like boeing//
all the negative views need to drop, then cruise in the night while the moon is glowing//
the wall in heart are closing, real mean with the things your posting,//
kinda hard to find love and make new friends with the ones with both arms open//
and I know you really miss it, some times you got risk it//
Need to pause two times fore you say one thing don't be so egotistic//
Some say its unrealistic
Some say its seeming mystic
I think next I just might try to more optimistic

Always keep a straight face, never fake smiles//
And I always lay awake because my mind's wild//
and my heart racing, while leg pacing//
all doubt and the worries, placed in//
a fucking void, where its gone, and they having no effect//
cause guys getting cocky bout weight they putting on, so they wanna disrespect//
man you super puny like bro, you even lift now please was that really suppose to hurt//
what if I told that niggas got me feeling inferior you should fear me because I usually go berserk//
I lift myself up when I let you down and I let myself down when I lift you up//
I was nice in the day but if feel so corrupt, cause the friends that I had could never speak up//
bye bye to the friend zone, don't wanna hear about all the men you like//
all the girls around me, had to push them back, so I dunno what a real hug feel like//
Its ok, Its whatever, I know I'll be alone till forever//
always Paranoid, oh well, kinda shy well shiieeet. Oh well//
Never change my ways, accept it, want me to help your feelings, neglected//
I admit that I did give it thought, so I'ma try to be more optimistic//
Track Name: Disconnect
Yeah, I'm sitting here in the dark//
With chips up on my shoulders bout the size of New York//
yeah, my thoughts quiet as a riot//
and all the talks i'm talking bout are as pleasant as a tyrant//
While they talk about real girls and real men//
but all these people never live by words that they have spoken//
fucking hypocrites, I guess what ever it//
competition on internet just to show off wits//
on who's the realest, who more classy//
y'all lamest, y'all elementry//
Don't get me started on the twirkers//
You shake your ass for free, while the strippers honest workers//
with naked pictures on your page//
when people disrespect you then now you filling up with rage//
what the hell did you expect//
getting dumber by the minute, guess its time to disconnect//

heads get bigger, circles get smaller
the goals get lower, levels get higher
they always on the internet talking bout their desires//
but they put no action up they think they'll get it through the wire//

So lets disconnect, we can think a sec
if we disconnect, we can recollect
So lets disconnect, then walk and talk a bit
So lets disconnect, so we can re connect

Its like we live to reverse//
for one step forward, go three back first//
I know I'm not the smartest, or cutest, or the strongest//
be evolve like pokemon, c'mon at least I'm being honest//
Surfing on the tide, I reside on the side/
where suidice has its pride and its claiming all the lives/
I decide, keep wise and I think I need a guide//
just to point me where to stride to keep my eyes open wide//
lacking all the manners//
they kill themselves off cause socially they can manage//
where the morals at, where the morals go//
know they history, extinct a thousand years ago//
see the looks up on my face//
I have to shake my head when I scroll my Facebook page//
Us as people, we're a wreck//
I guess safe say we its about that time to disconnect//
Track Name: Leaving
Lights are turning off, yes they closing so its time to go//
Seems like we just ordered, started talking not too long ago//
After this I think I'll probably catch an awesome show//
or maybe you can come and show me all the hots spots on the streets galore//
You say you wanna walk and talk, you wanna learn about me…well//
Got a little time and pretty moons, Stories I could tell//
good or bad, I got a few acheivements//
Me and life be arguing, we having disagreements//
Walking out the door with you the only time we synchronize//
Just to see the sites, see the world we have to compromise//
Cause of all these girls, I want them but I leave them alone//
Because its me and I, only one so I'm always gone//
Its ten o clock and its time get things started//
with some friends, couple bar hops and its that I departed
But its nice to meet you, I must bid you adieue//
Please hand me your phone, here's my number for you//

So ah

You Callin Callin
I'm leaving Leaving
So good bye
Comin going something like the seasons

So Good bye

I'm walkin Walkin
I'm Leaving Leaving
So Good Bye
I keep it going cause I got my reasons

So Good Bye

You Callin Callin
I'm Leaving Leaving
So Good Bye
I think its time I made a disappearance
So Good Bye

I'm walkin Walkin
I'm Leaving Leaving
So good bye
I called to tell you that I'm keeping distance
SO Good Bye

Hop into my time machine, year's 2011//
Around about the time when my life was real unpleasant//
had a dead end job, and my major wasn't working//
around about the time when person started turning//
started changing, started splitting , becoming someone different//
All my friends complaining, they say I'm being distant//
I told them that its practice cause I plan to leave the city//
Putting all my lessons in a suitcase take it with me//
They ask me where I'm going, Ask me why I leaving//
The walls are closing in and I feel I'm suffocating//
plus I'm changing, steady growing becoming an new edition//
I'm doing Hip Hop different, I need people to listen//
No chasing after females, I'm chasing after dreams//
cause bomb females blow your dreams to smithereens//
so I'm backing off, running, It's time for relocation//
I guess its safe to say that I'm permanently on vacation///